Your personal guide to the Gothenburg archipelago! 

Hike on the rocky outcrops or kayak between the islets! A stone's throw from the big city, you will find the unique archipelago environment and rich opportunities for genuine near-life experiences. Here you fill your senses. Here you get peace and quiet. Here you get energy. Here you get new friends, knowledge and thoughts.

I am your sensitive guide who, with a gentle hand, shows you how, with open minds, you can experience stillness, presence, wonder and joy in just being in the moment.

You get to know nature, who lives there and what goes on in the wildlife. Here you start, or deepen, a relationship that will become a valuable friendship to cherish in the future; the friendship with nature.

Welcome to the islands of Öckerö in the Gothenburg archipelago, where nature, rocks and the sea await you.

Walkers Nature Tours - a friendly dialog between man and nature

My range of nature tours

Kayak tours - all year round

The kayak tours provide a wonderful energy boost when the sea flows against the bow and the wind roars in your ears, or when there are breathtaking encounters with birdsong and lichen-covered rocks during a quiet ride on velvety smooth waters.

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Hiking tours - all year round

The hikes provide rich opportunities for wonder as you discover nature's various life forms and their interactions. During the summer there is also the opportunity to experience a swimming adventure from the cliffs along our tours.

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Getting in touch

Now I hope you're curious and want to book one of my guided nature tours! But was there anything that is still unclear? Would you like to know more? If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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