About the area
around Hönö, Öckerö and Hälsö

Welcome to the archipelago!

Here are some tips, some personal favorites, on what the hospitality industry has to offer in the immediate area. Otherwise, I refer to Visit Öckerö's website, which is a more thorough list of what is available to you as a visitor in our beautiful archipelago.

The distances are not great out here, which is why you can advantageously move on and between our islands by bike. Paolocykel AB has bicycle rentals in various places on the islands.

Eating and living

In the harbor, right on the quayside, in Hönö Klåva is the newly established and fresh Skärgårdshotellet Hönö, which also has its own restaurant; Skafferiet.

On Öckerö you will find Nimbusgården which has both a restaurant and a hostel.

Just eat

In the harbor area in Hönö Klåva you will find a variety of opportunities to eat well. Here is a selection:

The immensely popular seafood restaurant, with the absolute best location, is Restaurang Tullhuset.
Another, equally popular and well-established restaurant is at Lilling Cottage . In between is the archipelago pub Franses and if you like sushi, Sancho Sushi (no website yet) is something special.

On Öckerö there is a nice harbor café , and on Hälsö you will find Hälsö Brygga.

Just stay

There is a nice hostel at Havskatten in Hönö Röd, very close to the Ersdalen Nature Reserve.

There are pitches in the harbor areas of Hönö Klåva, Hönö Röd, Hälsö, Öckerö and Fotö.


Fishing was once a key industry on our islands. Things are different today, but at the harbour in Hönö Klåva you can visit the Fishing Museum and get a picture of our historical everyday life.

TheArt Wave is an art walk and a recurring cultural event organized every year. The wave rolls over most of the municipality's ten islands and in 2022 the Art Wave will take place on 6-7/8.

Finally: if your body hasn't had enough of challenges on my nature walk, you can get a really sweaty workout in nice premises at Nordic Wellness.