Equipment for rent

Sharing is caring! Do you want to try a few nights in a roof top tent? Are you going on a weekend trip in a tent and cooking with field onions? Do you have no equipment? Don't run off and buy, try it first; you can rent from us! We love living outdoors, but we also want to be on site here at home to offer our guests unique nature experiences on our nature tours, so we use our fine outdoor equipment for a very limited time. It feels unnecessary to have a lot of material lying in the storage room - others can benefit from it! That's why we're offering you and the planet a more sustainable solution.

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Kayaks and equipment -
for the paddling enthusiast

  • Single kayak
  • Double kayak (larger/smaller)
  • Junior kayak
  • Neoprene shoes and gloves
  • Dry suit
  • Drybag
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Outdoor equipment

  • Rooftop tents and marquees
  • Field kitchen and fuel
  • Sleeping mats and sleeping bags
  • Backpacks
  • Bicycle racks
  • First aid kit

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General information

Kayaks and kayak equipment:
We currently have a limited fleet of kayaks. However, it is possible to rent kayaks when they are not used on guided tours or courses. Most of the kayaks are made of durable plastic, but we also have a few in fiberglass. The kayaks are in different sizes and models. Rental includes a life jacket, paddle, canopy, a bilge pump and a wrapped map. After use, the kayak and equipment must be rinsed clean with fresh water and dried out with a sponge, checklists for this are available on site.

We assume that you are able to swim and that you have reached the age of 15. Those who are under the age of 15 can be accompanied by a parent in the double kayak or in a single kayak under the parent's responsibility. You should wear functional clothing (training or leisure wear) that is easy to move around in and dries faster (than cotton, which cools you down when it gets wet). You should bring water, sunglasses, cap or similar, swimming shoes (neoprene shoes are available for rent in limited supply - remember to wear a pair of thin socks in these shoes. The socks will get wet.), swimwear, rainwear, sunscreen and a change of clothes to pack in a tight pack.

I have kayaks in different sizes to accommodate different sized people. However, the maximum limit on my kayaks is a body length of about 195 cm and a weight of about 100 kg. Please state your height and weight when booking.

Please read these safety conditions before the kayak rental.

Please prepare yourself by reading the general safety conditions before the kayak rental.

All equipment:
We assume that the equipment rented is returned in the same condition as when it was picked up. You will be asked to sign a rental agreement on site.

Booking information

Forkayak rental:
The best way to book and agree on times is to contact us by email or phone. Only the double kayaks can be booked via the booking button.

tel: 0703 308 508

For rental of outdoor equipment:
See the booking page (booking button) for different products.
tel: 0705 21 95 50

Payment is made when booking (Swish or credit card) or when picking up.